In summary, commercial driving is difficult and fraught with danger. The training of these drivers should not be constrained by a least common denominator in the form of an arbitrary, and ultimately counterproductive, threshold for minimum training hours.

Why Training Requirements Should Change

Instead, driver training schools should be required to teach a certain set of skills and should be judged based on whether their students are able to demonstrate a mastery of those skills. Our schools’ longer programs appropriately provide training beyond that needed to obtain a CDL. This additional training allows graduates to progress more rapidly in their finishing training and ensures that short-distance drivers, for whom finishing training often is not required, are better qualified to immediately command their vehicles and are better prepared to operate.

NAAND schools have been proactively diligent and forward thinking in developing safe and effective programs in advance of a Federal requirement to do so.

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NAAND’s Mission is simple! Our goal is to advocate laws, regulations, rules, and standards that ensure access to the most comprehensive commercial driver training programs available.

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Who is NAAND?

NAAND is a coalition of accredited commercial truck driver training schools throughout the United States offering comprehensive training programs of 600 clock hours or equivalent credit hours.

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